Friday, March 26, 2010


It's nearly 5 a.m. and I've been awake for about 2 hours now. I know, I know, my body is prepping me for the big job I have ahead of me - feedings every 3 hours et. al. But come on, I just want to have more than one night where I sleep through. Or at the very least that I am able to easily fall back asleep after my multiple trips to the toilet.

The worst part of it though, I have all this time on my hands and nothing good to do with it. I obviously can't be rambling through the house finding the odd jobs to do that I've been wanting to do for weeks at this hour, well I could but it just wouldn't be fair to those that live with me. Although the company would be nice with the exception that all said potential company would be crankier than I having been rousted from their slumber just because I fail to be able to sleep. I keep thinking I should write, or blog, or read, or research or something that I talk about doing in my more lucid waking hours but to be honest I don't really feel like I have it in me. Ummm...yeah, I know, I'm blogging right now but seriously my head hurts more with each word I type and I'm pretty sure this will be a rather incoherent rambling of thoughts.

Honestly though, it sucks to have all this time on my hands. Time that I'm awake and completely and udderly unable to be productive. In 12 hrs from now when everyone is awake, and I'm home from work and I can take advantage of their assistance for my grand design of things to do I will be exhausted, and even more incoherent than now and will attempt to blend in with the couch with the great hopes that someone will feed me, water me and let me sleep!

The cats are confused...they keep looking at me like I've interrupted something. They are nocturnal creatures, I'm not. I'm confused too. Why can't I just get a little sleep?

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My first Bloggy Award!!

I can't say that I troll some blogs because I actually make my self known, and I can't exactly say that I am a die hard follower or blogger either since my life is just a little bit chaotic to fit it all in but I can say that I frequent quite a few. One of the ones I frequent - Hobbit-ish Thoughts and Ramblings, that I met during my TTC journey that began nearly 3 years ago, has nominated me for what I can only assume to be a very prestigious award!

Part of the "rules" state that I'm supposed to nominate 10 blogs that I think are worthy and award them so that they too will fill out their list of 10 things that make their day but I don't have 10 blogs I regularly frequent (or at least don't have 10 that know I'm there!) so those of you that read my blog here is my list of 10 things that make my day!

1. Hug and a kiss from my boys - That would be my spouse of 13 yrs and my 6 yr old son. (I'm currently gestating another boy and I can't wait for him to give me hugs and kisses too!)
2. As mentioned above, I'm gestating. It makes me happy to feel that little lump kick and punch me just to remind me he's in there! (Like I could forget my lap is mostly gone and it's a bit awkward typing this with my arms stretched out to reach the laptop keyboard because if I rest it on my belly he will kick it and make it even more awkward to type!)
3. My Kitties. How can you not love a soft and furry little creature that purrs? Plus they always know when I need them even when I don't know!
4. Chocolate. Dark Chocolate. Need I say more?
5. Witnessing or aiding someone taking a step towards fulfilling their potential. I work in the Student Life Department of our local College and love to watch the students grow and develop through academic and non academic experiences.
6. Laughter. This likely should be higher on my list. Laughter is so important in life.
7. Logging on to my favourite sites. I have a number of places that go to in order to follow the lives of women who have and are suffering through Infertility, some I have met others that I haven't - all are equally precious and important to me!
8. Coming home. I'm a home body. I love my job, I love my life, but I truly value coming home and just being in my own space, with my stuff, and my couch!
9. Movies. New movies, old movies, movies on the big screen, movies on the couch, movies in bed, action flicks, chick flicks, sci-fi flicks, kids movies...I think you get the point. I love watching movies, and quoting movies too - it's a big culture in our house!
10. Finding time. Finding moments that I can do things for myself, by myself that make me happy. A bath, read a book, write in my blog, read a new recipe, etc. It's the little moments where I don't have to be Mother, Wife, Daughter, or Employee and have the energy to be me!

So thanks for nominating me!! Even if you are the only one reading, it sure was great being nominated and thinking about my Happy 101. There are lots of things that make me happy, I'm a pretty half full kind of girl but it never hurts to really think about what things make my day!