Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Keeping my fingers busy....

I've been knitting a fair bit again lately. I've been on an extended hiatus, partly due to interest and partly due to time and partly due to finances. Thanks to my cyber friends at Ravelry, I've found free patterns and nearly free yarn (recycling and re-purposing).

My latest acheivements have been a scarf I knit using a cardigan sweater that recently became 3 sizes too big and a shawl I knit using yarn I had originally intended to create baby.legs style leg warmers for baby boo. I found the leg warmers way too time consuming and boring!

So here is my scarf:

It keeps me warm when the a/c is trying to freeze me out of my office. Since it is multi coloured, it goes with just about everything. The scarf is a modification of a pattern I found on Ravelry - modified only because I kept going and forgot to stop the border section and therefore the border became the whole scarf. It works though!

Here is my Shawl:

This is the Holden Shawlette found on Ravlery and was a lovely easy knit. I am quite satisfied with how it turned out. With a little effort (and about 220 pins, and 2 driveway reflectors) it toook on a very lovely shape and was well worth the 1/2 hour of effort and the "trauma" the cats endured being locked out of the bedroom!

Here's a couple of pictures of the blocking process: