Friday, April 21, 2017

Giving it the old College try!

It's been a while. I have been busy, aren't we all? Sometimes busy means doing nothing special but surviving to make it through another day and sometimes busy means having too much on the go at once. I have been a little bit of both. I feel like I am in a place where I want to start writing again. Letting my rambling thoughts spill out on to paper (proverbial of course, given I am tap, tap, tapping away on my phone) and throw it out there for others to read. I will always have a writer's heart but I will also have that personality where starting is never the problem.
That's kind of why I am here. Giving it the old College try! "Hey-oh boys (and girls) let's have one more jolly go at it, shall we!?" (Said in your best British accent, of course.) Maybe this time is the one.
During my busy, I have started and even completed a number of things, some of them fairly big changes to our (my) life and several with big potential yet to be reaped. (More on those to follow!)
On the topic of College, I have been taking courses at our local community college and working towards a Diploma in Human Resources. I am 50% of the way through the program (about to start course 6/10).
I never intended the career I am in, it was never on my radar but I fell into it. I fell pretty deep too, I have been at it for nearly two decades! I am good at it. I am sought after, well liked by peers and management, I am dedicated and knowledgeable but it does not set my heart on fire. As a matter of fact, it can drain me utterly and completely at times.
I still give it my all (nearly) every day (we all have off days, right?) But at the end of the day l still say, "What do I want to be when I grow up?", at my age I can't keep asking that without doing something about it.
I am hoping, as I sit in this lull between semesters, that I can apply some if the organizational skills and experience that I have developed in my personal life to add regular writing into my schedule. I have set a goal, it is measurable, it seems reasonable, and I am going to give it another real go. To stay on top of school, work, family and writing committments without burning a fuse. I hope see continued success, and to share some of the changes I have made and the successes I have had with them.
Right-Oh then, cheerio for now!