Saturday, March 26, 2011

Green (certianly not the grass)

This is not a grass roots post or even a soap box rant about how green one should or should not be...just a little rambling of how I enjoy being green (Kermit didn't know what he was missing out on when he complained about being green!)

Firstly, our community rolled out a green bin program this winter. We have been marveling at the reduced waste going out on a weekly basis, it is amazing. The beauty of this program is, just about everything can go in it! Tissues, bones/meats, as well as the usual veg matter. We fill the bin pretty well in a week - they even take kitty litter so our kitties are helping us keep the bin full! We are avid recyclers and have wanted to compost ourselves but always have such a hard time getting it set up so the city took care of it for us.

Secondly after joining ravelery I learned that if you look at your store bought sweaters carefully you can discover whether or not they are a candidate for unraveling and re using/re purposing the yarn! Sweet! So I dug through my closet, things I've held on to despite dropping 3 dress sizes and have found 2 likely candidates. I didn't take a picture of the complete before of this little cardigan, but here are some pictures of my progress!

Here are the front panels:
A close up of the yarn colour pattern:

Here are the balls of salvaged yarn.

Now to decide what to make!