Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Jumping on the bandwagon

But everyone else is doing it... That one never flew for my mother, or myself but for some reason it seems like the right kind of "trendy" thing for me to be doing. I am one of those people who never quite seems to be at a loss for words, and have been told that I have a great "tone" for blogging. So I'm giving it a whirl.

Of course, the "staring at the blank page" syndrome seems to have my tonight. I suppose I'm feeling a little on the spot, feeling like I need to preform spectacularly this opening night otherwise my potential faithful companions will want nothing to do with me. I'm sure there will be more to come. Forcing myself to write on a regular basis can only be a good thing. Of course I do realize that the nature of blogs are just to be the random ramblings of thoughts on an individuals mind and do not necessarily have to wow the masses, I am an over achiever by nature and can't help but imagine I'll come back and edit this at a later date when I've had time to think up what should be my "real" opening blog!

Considering this is mostly hidden at the time, I don't think I'm at any great risk for embarrassment.